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Did you know about the close ties Canadian equestsrian associations have with the slaughter industry?

Where would all the horses go?  
Mr. John Hettinger’s thoughtful insight to the big question.

North America’s Century of Shame
A White Paper by Allen Warren of Horse Harbor Foundation

Norval Meats Permanent Closure and Memorial
Norval Meats, Ontario’s last horse slaughter plant, has recently been removed from the list of federally inspected plants.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Chambers of Carnage
A Sweeping Undercover Investigation of Canada’s Leading Equine Slaughterhouses

Natural Valley Farms Not Re-Opening
Community members at Carry the Kettle First Nations voted no to horse slaughter plant

Concerns regarding Carry the Kettle
Report to Carry the Kettle First Nations from CHDC

Letter to Editor of MacLean’s
by Denise Lockhart

Horse slaughter dream a financial nightmare
“Natural Valley Farms died the day the decision makers chose to kill horses” by John Holland

Pregnant mare, 2 other wild Alberta horses found shot to death
From April 2009, evidence at the scene indicates that the mare went into labour after she was shot

Showdown at Horse Slaughter Pass
April 25, 2009 by John Holland

Prices Soaring for Unwanted Horses
March 21, 2009 by John Holland

The issue of horse slaughter
An article from Down The Stretch

Quarter horses born for slaughter
An article by John Holland

CHDC Calls for Audit of All Canadian Equine Slaughterhouses
July 2011.  The CHDC writes to the CFIA calling for an audit

A Year in Review And Going Forward into 2009
Review of 2008 and plans for 2009.

Hormone use linked to breast cancer
Major American study ties hormone use to breast cancer

More on HRT and cancer

Canadian Feedlots filling up
An early report on a Canadian feedlot from investigator

More current report on the feedlots 

Horses on Japanese Plates
Report from 2007 saying that horsemeat will remain part of Japanese cuisine despite US ban on horse slaughter

Wild horses shot dead in BC
From 2005 – RCMP investigates claim of killings

Omak Suicide Race
The deadliest horse race in the world

More on the Omak Race

More layoffs in the PMU industry
From 2005 – Layoffs result in thousands of ‘unwanted’ horses

Last Roundup Feared
Toronto Star 2005 – For Canada’s wild horses the future appears bleak

Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption – essay being updated
What is the state of horse slaughter in Canada?

Dealing in Horse Flesh
Article from 2005 interviewing Sinikka Crosland, now Executive Director of the CHDC and Claude Bouvry.

Economic Value of Horses – essay being updated
Where is a horse worth more?

The Slaughter Market – essay being updated
Where do the horses come from?
Where would all the horses go? What would happen to the horses if they weren’t slaughtered?

Horse Slaughter: an unnecessary evil
Report commissioned by the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation – Profit and expediency drive the market

ID tagging program-equine traceability
Why is there interest in a federal tagging program to identify Canadian horses?

$ Take The Money and Run $

Canadians on Horse Slaughter – essay being updated
64% of Canadians oppose slaughtering horses for human consumption.