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Canadian Horse Defence Supporters

allens-groupThe American-Canadian Horse Warrior Forum
With over 8000 supporters, the ACHWF is leading the fight against horse slaughter in the U.S.




an-allianceAnimal Alliance of Canada
Committed to the protection of all animals and to the promotion of a harmonious relationship among people, animals, and the environment.





Equine Welfare Alliance
A group of equine welfare organizations, equine rescues and individuals dedicated to ending the slaughter of American horses.





Horse Harbor Foundation
The true mission of any animal welfare organization should be to eliminate the need for itself.  And their Facebook group Washington Horse Defense Association on Facebook (must be a Facebook account holder to access.)









Humane Society International/Canada
A leading force for animal protection, representing tens of thousands of Canadians in our work to protect all animals.








Vancouver Humane Society
The Vancouver Humane Society is dedicated to exposing animal abuse and assisting individuals, businesses and government to end animal suffering, cruelty and exploitation.



The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition is firmly committed to fulfilling its goals through peaceful and lawful means. Therefore this coalition will neither knowingly or willfully participate in or condone, incite or promote others to participate in unlawful or non-peaceful activities, nor will it harass, encourage others to harass, or support those who do.