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Since the dawn of recorded history, the horse has been an inspiration to humankind. Artists have worked to capture his elegant beauty on canvas and sculptured in bronze…great writers have told stories of his nobility, intelligence, and personality.

Throughout the ages, we have seen evidence of the human spirit yearning to connect with the spirit of the horse.

When we tamed him, it seemed as if he permitted us to be his companion, to experience all sides of his remarkable nature. When we bridled him, we felt the awesome power beneath us and strove to control his strength and his speed. He was truly “king of the wind”…and we celebrated the sharing of flight without wings.

This page contains our mission statement, a special message from Executive Director Sinikka Crosland, as well as a list of our ever growing coalition members.

Please direct all inquiries to this email address.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to bring together like-minded individuals and groups to collectively help protect equines in Canada from slaughter and the export of live equines for slaughter. We accomplish this by raising public consciousness through education and achieving the enactment of legislation that will ban these practices in Canada.

Special Message from Sinikka Crosland
Thank you for visiting the official website of The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition!

We welcome the support of organizations and individuals throughout the world who believe that horses, having shared our walk from “barbarism to civilization”, deserve a special place in modern culture.

Friend, partner, compatriot…or commodity? What is the role of the horse in modern times? He has many “uses”, as we know. His brute strength has hauled logs and plowed farmers’ fields; his wingless flight has astounded millions at the racetrack. With tireless endurance, he has rounded up infinite herds of cattle…and today, in many cultures, he has evolved to become a pleasure animal, invaluable for riding and show purposes.

The noble horse remains a source of awe and fascination for many, an intelligent and personable animal worthy of our deepest admiration and respect. In fact, it is a widespread belief that the horse is of more value to us as a living being than as a slab of meat on a foreign dinner plate. As shown by an Ipsos-Reid survey conducted in May 2004, two-thirds of citizens polled in Canada are opposed to the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

It is the view of The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition that there is no such thing as the “humane” slaughter of an intelligent, sentient mammal such as the horse. This is simply a fallacy perpetuated by an industry that exists for one reason: profit. Numerous credible sources have described the intense psychological trauma experienced by horses approaching the killing box and, further, have revealed the indisputable physical suffering associated with improper stunning and shooting practices. Dying in terror, not with dignity, is the fate of tens of thousands of Canadian horses every year. In addition, the poor handling and management of horses during loading and transport, as well as at auction marts and feedlots, is a serious animal welfare concern.

We welcome you to read on, and look forward to your support as we campaign to end the mass slaughter of horses in our country.

Blessings to the Mare

A song by Honey Sheperd.

blessings to the mare
her senses so aware
she will not believe
or be deceived
in the pleasures of her dare
blessings to the mare
and the orphans in her care
who have no choice or human voice
to cry out in despair
blessings to the mare
whose future will behold
the beasts of burden
are so uncertain
each time their hearts are sold

the mare no longer runs
no more does the wind
kiss her mane
her eyes are cloudy
her world so buried in pain
but the beasts are no longer
the wicked ones
the chosen no longer abide
their souls re-create
all that man will forsake
and karma will turn the tide

blessings to the beasts
their secrets not revealed
to the tortured souls of dying men
that only saints can heal
i take a moment to breathe
to taste the sweetness of God
to share the gift of “brotherhood”
for the horses, beasts & dog
i pray for a place to go
a shelter for their gallant heads
and if God is kind
He will help them to find
the Angels that “raise the dead”