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If you are new to the horse slaughter issue this video is intended as an in-depth introduction to the industry in Canada and the U.S.  Warning:  there are graphic images.

Below are a variety of resources for you to use.

Download and distribute our flyers!
English and French flyers.

Auction Flyer
Auctions are a threat to your horse!  Read how to protect your horse at auction.

Information on the S.A.F.E. Act 
Details on the Safeguard American Food Exports of 2015 which would end the export of horses from the U.S. to any country for slaughter.

Canadian Horse Slaughter Statistics
2006 – December 2015 (includes the numbers of horses from the U.S. up to June 2015, all 2015’s will be released in March)

Canadian Horse Slaughter Plants
Federally Licensed Horse Slaughter Plants in Canada
(Scroll down to select “horses”, then scroll down again to submit.)

Cavel Violations
Cavel was a slaughterhouse in Illinois that closed in 2007
Compiled by John Holland

CFIA border crossings
This document shows the allowed border entries into Canada for slaughter-bound horses originating in the United States

Did  you know?
Discussion paper relating to horse councils and federations support of the slaughter industry

2010 Discussion Paper on European Union Regulations
What the New EU Requirements for Imported Equine Meat Will Mean to North American’s Horse Industry

2010 EU Inspection Report, Canada
Final report from the European Union audit carried out in Canada in 2010 where the EU found that  “The control system in place in Canada for verification of the current use of substances in horses to be slaughtered as specified in Council Directive 96/23/EC is inadequate,…”

2014 EU Inspection Report, Canada
EU not satisfied with Canada’s horse slaughter systems

Euthanasia Insurance
Suggestions on insurance for your horse’s euthanasia

Horse Meat Exports
This web page allows you to create a customized report showing horse meat exports by various criteria.

Horses and Double Decker Trailers
Discusses the reasons why double deck trailers are not safe for transporting horses

Imports of Equine Meat from Third Countries
Letter from European Commission

Legislative process in Canada
How a bill becomes law.

Live Horse Exports
Document showing the number of live draft horse exports to Japan for slaughter.

Map showing CFIA designated border crossings and slaughter plant locations.

New EID form with transient agent signature (Source: CFIA )

What You Didn’t Know About Canada’s Horse Federations
Did you know that your provincial horse federation supports and endorses the slaughter of North American horses?

What are private member bills?
A government article describing the private member bill concept.

Where would all the horses go?
An analysis of what would happen to horses if slaughter were made illegal.