Help fund the CHDC in our efforts to advocate for the horses. We are a small group of dedicated volunteers, working diligently to report on conditions in the field, research and circulate information through the internet, communicate with the Canadian government and its agencies on the federal and provincial levels, liaise with other influential horse and animal welfare agencies both nationally and internationally, participate at horse fairs and animal conferences, advocate and support people helping horses and horse rescues, and so much more! Your donations help us keep going!

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Carmen Crosland models the CHDC junior spaghetti tank top (r). This design is available on a wide variety of apparel and gift items. All proceeds go to work immediately toward the defence of Canada’s horses.

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PayPal makes it easy and convenient to purchase merchandise and support the CHDC.  Use the “Make A Donation” button to the left and add your special order instructions to the seller with your purchase details.  You can also email the CHDC at gro.adanacsesrohdnefednull@ofni with your order if you prefer to pay by cheque. Thank you!

General Donations By Post

If you prefer to donate by mail rather than PayPal via the “Make a Donation” button to the left, you can send your cheque or money order to:
The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition
150 First St., P.O. Box 21079
Orangeville, ON L9W 4S7