Horse Protection Initiatives

The CHDC is helping to raise awareness about the plight of equines in our country and promotes the adoption of horses to good homes. According to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 82,175 horses were slaughtered in Canada in 2012.

These animals arrived at one of this nation’s federally-inspected slaughter plants from a variety of directions. Many were so-called “culls” from breeding operations and industries (for instance, quarter horses and thoroughbred race horses) and many others were from private homes no longer able or willing to continue caring for their horses.

Still others were from defunct trail riding businesses and from the PMU (Pregnant Mare Urine) industry, well-known for sending its unwanted foals and spent mares to auction and slaughter. Every year, tens of thousands of horses arrive as imports for slaughter from the United States, where the last of the equine slaughter plants have been shut down since 2007.

Facilitating Adoptions Through Public Awareness
There are many equine rescue organizations scattered throughout Canada. Typically, rescuers celebrate the lives that they are able to save, and grieve over those left behind at auctions where feedlot operators pick up their quota. Horse rescuers express regrets about the fact that more cannot be salvaged.

Monetary and space constraints have always been factors that prevent them from saving more. Regarding funding for rescue, not only must organizations pay to purchase horses-at-risk from auctions (and sometimes directly from feedlots), but they must cover maintenance costs for rescued animals also. These expenses, depending on how long animals are held until an adoptive home is found, can be crippling. Hay costs, farrier fees, dewormers, and veterinary care are all necessary to horse maintenance.

In an effort to facilitate the adoption of equines who may otherwise remain indefinitely in sanctuary, CHDC is offering a database of qualified horse rescue centres, listed by province in Canada. We encourage additions to this list, but require references on individual facilities that we are not familiar with.

Adoption Initiatives
Often in their search for “the perfect horse”, potential adopters or buyers will not be aware of the tireless work of rescuers, who rehabilitate and train sound, beautiful animals solely for the purpose of giving them a second chance.

As an adoption incentive, CHDC is offering a $50 rebate to be paid, as funds permit, to adopters who obtain a horse from one of the qualified rescues listed in our database. In the event that an animal is returned for any reason to the rescue centre, the rebate amount will be deducted from the funds owing to the adopter and will be returned to CHDC by the rescue centre. Click here to access the application for rebate.

Euthanasia Assistance
One of the arguments presented by families who reluctantly send their horses to slaughter is that the cost of euthanasia is prohibitively high. Under CHDC’s Euthanasia Assistance Program, it is possible for qualified applicants to receive $150 toward the cost of humane euthanasia performed by a veterinarian, as funds allow, where circumstances of illness or infirmity are shown to cause suffering to the animal, and where proof of financial need can be established.

Please note that post-euthanasia applications will automatically be declined unless submitted by a qualified rescue facility. This program is open only to Canadian residents and Canadian rescue organizations applying on behalf of their horses who also reside in Canada.

Click here to access the euthanasia assistance application.

We are always grateful for donations through PayPal.
A program such as Horse Protection Initiatives is costly to operate, but so very crucial in terms of horse welfare.  Funds are desperately needed in order to keep individual horses away from the slaughter pipeline!

TO MAKE AN ONLINE CONTRIBUTION, please press the MAKE A DONATION button on the left menu bar, and then in the second stage of the payment process, just below the confirmation of your address where it says ”Note to seller: PRESS Add.
THEN IN THE POP-UP WINDOW TYPE “Horse Protection Initiatives”.

TO MAKE A PAYMENT BY CHEQUE, make your cheque to Canadian Horse Defence Coalition and write in “Horse Protection Initiatives” beside your signature, then mail to the address below.

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition
150 First Street
PO Box 21079, Orangeville, Ontario, L9W 4S7

Questions?  E-mail gro.adanacsesrohdnefednull@ofni

CHDC is a non-profit organization incorporated in B.C. under the Society Act, #S-55152.  Our official, registered name is Horse Defence Association of Canada.

Please note that we are not a charity, so cannot issue tax deductible receipts.  Our work, which involves the pursuit of legislation to ban the slaughter of horses, is considered by the government of Canada to be completely political, not charitable – in spite of the fact that we are motivated by the cruel treatment of horses in the slaughter industry.

THANK YOU, on behalf of the horses!


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