Coalition Supporters

Below are listed supporters of The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition.

American Horse Meat
Is horse meat from America, Canada and Mexico safe to eat?

Americans Against Horse Slaughter
A non-funded, grassroots movement comprised of supporters of a federal ban on the slaughter of American horses for human consumption.

Animal Alliance of Canada
Committed to the protection of all animals and to the promotion of a harmonious relationship among people, animals, and the environment.

Cloud Foundation
Dedicated to the preservation of wild horses on our public lands, and the protection of Cloud’s herd in the Arrowhead Mountains of Montana.

Equine Welfare Alliance
A group of equine welfare organizations, equine rescues and individuals dedicated to ending the slaughter of American horses.

Grand Royal Equestrian Centre
We are animal lovers providing a service to our fellow members in the equine industry.

Horse Protection Society of B.C.
Preventing cruelty to horses, educating, and providing information and guidance with regard to horse care; helping to stop the inhumane slaughter of horses.

Your Canadian horse source.

Horse Harbor Foundation
The true mission of any animal welfare organization should be to eliminate the need for itself.

Horsemen’s Benevolent & Protective Assoc of Canada
Horsemen Helping Horsemen.

Humane Society International/Canada
A leading force for animal protection, representing tens of thousands of Canadians in our work to protect all animals

International Fund for Horses
Protecting horses through intervention and legislation.

Jardin Estate Jewelry & Antiques
Reduce your carbon footprint and become an inspiration to others

LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society
We believe that our brave and beautiful thoroughbred racehorses deserve a dignified retirement.

National Equine Rescue Coalition
People Working Together To Save America’s Horses.

Nurtural Horse
Join the bitless revolution.

Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society
Assisting in the adoption and relocation of retired and non-racing Standardbred horses within Ontario.

Pygmalion Art School
Art making a statement against horse abuse and slaughter.

Save Our Horses – Say Whoa to Horse Slaughter
Our goal is to rescue as many horses as we possibly can.

Dedicated to the kind and compassionate treatment of all living beings.

The Last Wild Horses
A Site Dedicated to Saving the Last Wild Mustangs in the Canadian West

The Virtual Writer
Commited to conservation and the preservation of species.

Towards Freedom
… to be of service, to honour this beautiful planet and her creatures …

Vancouver Humane Society
Encouraging everyone to take responsibility for the welfare and rights of animals.

Vet Unleashed
Putting the Humane Back in Humanity

Voice for the Horse
We decided to…share with others the value of the horses in our lives and also a side of the industry most are not familiar with.

Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue
Our mandate is to provide care and rehabilitation to abused and neglected horses.

Wild Hearts Horse Fund
Mustangs are an integral part of our history and culture. Now it’s our turn to protect them and ensure they are not lost forever.

Youth Against Animal Abuse
The creatures are in your hands.

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition is firmly committed to fulfilling its goals through peaceful and lawful means. Therefore this coalition will neither knowingly or willfully participate in or condone, incite or promote others to participate in unlawful or un-peaceful activities, nor will it harass, encourage others to harass, or support those who do.