In order to help create legislation, citizens need to communicate with Members of Parliament

In October 2011, NDP MP Alex Atamanenko re-introduced an Act that, if passed, would have effectively ended the import and export of horses and horse meat for human consumption. This is Bill C-322.  Since then, this Bill has been replaced with Bill C-571.

Grassroots support from people like you will be critical to the enactment of this legislation. In order to help create legislation, citizens need to communicate with Members of Parliament, to inform them of the issues and to make their opinions known. By presenting petitions, you provide evidence of support from your community. Please see our Do It Now page for actions you can take to help!
To have an understanding of how business is conducted in Canadian Parliament, please see the following link from the Canadian House of Commons website:

Legislative Process

Summary: In the Parliament of Canada, as in all legislative assemblies based on the British model, there is a clearly defined method for enacting legislation. A bill must go through a number of specific stages in the House of Commons and the Senate before it becomes law:

notice of motion for leave to introduce and placement on Order Paper;
preparation of a bill by a committee (where applicable);
introduction and first reading;
reference to a committee before second reading (where applicable);
second reading and reference to a committee;
consideration in committee;
report stage;
third reading (and passage);
consideration and passage by the Senate;
passage of Senate amendments by the Commons (where applicable);
Royal Assent, and
coming into force.

As you can see, it is an involved process. However, the information provided here can help give a better understanding of how the process works:

Parliamentary Procedure
Private Members’ Business
Private Membersʼ Bills, Notice, Introduction and First Reading
Presenting Petitions
Petition Guidelines
Government Responses to Petitions

To download and print copies of our petition in support of Bill C-322, please follow the instructions on our Do It Now page.